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Bhandari Marble Group: Manufacturers, Suppliers & Dealers of Natural Stone:

Granite is the first preference when it comes to flooring your hall, living room or kitchen. It is known to have low porosity, high resistance, and no accumulation of dirt. On the other hand, marble is formed from the recrystallization of carbon. Marble is a natural metamorphic rock. Marble has a luxe appearance, making it suitable for marble-based fireplaces, ornamental furnishings, and even flooring.

Key Differences between Marble & Granite:

Searching for the best marble for flooring in India? Then know the main differences between granite and marble (helps streamline your needs & and saves additional cost);

  1. Marble requires high maintenance while granite requires moderate maintenance.
  2. Granite is harder than marble and so is comparatively more resistant to chipping and scratches.
  3. Granite is more resistant to acidic substances and stains as compared to marble.
  4. Marble has light-colored veins running over, while granite has a freckled look.

Bhandari Marble Group is one of India’s top-rated marbles and granite manufacturers in India, contact our team of experts to get more options and assistance with choosing the right stone for your project.

Bhandari Marble Group and Expertise:

From Indian and imported marble to high-end granite, numerous natural stones in several colours, sizes and finishes are available at Bhandari Marble Group. This makes us top the charts of Kishangarh marble suppliers. Besides deeming to be the best marble dealers in Kishangarh, Rajasthan, we are:

  • Granite and Marble Suppliers in Rajasthan.
  • Granite and Marble Manufacturers in India.

Additionally, we cater to your needs as a stockist, wholesaler, distributor, and a merchant along with other granite & marble suppliers in Kishangarh , Rajasthan.

All Stone Types Under One Roof:

Bhandari Marble Group is not limited to common stone types. Our Kishangarh Marble Suppliers are ready to serve your requirements with 150+ marble and granite options tht range across 100+ vibrant hues.

Burberry Black marble, Bianco Marfil marble, Pink granite, Antique finish, marble Jali, Quartz stone, Statuario marble, Rampura Black marble, Kota stone, Kashmir granite, China granite, Kadappa stone, etc. are classic examples to state.

Our professional team of marble manufacturers in Rajasthan will assist in getting the right kind of stone for your personal and/or commercial needs.

Know More About Bhandari Marble Group:

Why Customers Prefer Bhandari Marble Group over other Marble Manufacturers:

There are so many agencies and marble dealers in Kishangarh, Rajasthan who are importers/exporters of marble and granite in India. But customers and clients prefer our name in the industry owing to the following reasons:

  • Our total industry experience is 65+ years. Our present generation adheres to the customs, ethics, and professional values imbibed by our forerunners.
  • High-quality measures are undertaken for each product displayed here. This is noted even with our material packing to premium-level polishing protocols. Each of our product adheres to the export standards set for stone.
  • You have the freedom to personalize stones across 100+ shades and colours.
  • Our prices are competitive and much more affordable as compared to other marble suppliers in Rajasthan.

We are leading manufacturer, wholesaler, merchant, dealer, distributor, importer, exporter, stockist, and supplier of every type of Indian marble, Italian marble, imported marble, statuario marble, wonder marble, onyx marble, terventinno marble, empoerador marble, banswara marble, makrana marble, makrana white marble, dungri marble, sawar marble, torrento marble, bottachino marble, dyna marble, parleto marble, amba ji marble, agariya marble, green marble, udaipur green marble, forest green marble, spider green marble, rain forest marble, rain forest green mrble, rain forest brown marble, sunny gold marble, jaisalmer marble, italian gold marble, morwad marble, aaspur marble, marble tiles, marble handicraft, marble jaali, marble pillars, marble tample, marble slabs, marble block, polished marble, semi precious marble, semi precious marble, beige marble , red lavante marble, oman red marble , milky white marble, black marble, golden pottero marble, silver potello marble, Vietnam white marble, Swiss white marble, indian statuario marble, bidasar marble, lady onyx , pink onyx marble white onyx marble,pink onyx marble, Greene onyx marble, salambur onyx marble, stauario marble, crema marfil marble, bianco marfil marble, red alacante marble, burberry black marble, china black marble, sand stone marble, dholpur stone, rampura black marble, granite, red granite black granite, tiger onyx , tiger granite, rubby red granite, pink granite, white granite, kashmir granite, madurai granite, assam green granite,blue pearl granite, black pearl granite, imported granite, china granite, dharmeta marble, quartz marble, quartz stone, lime stone, fire carnivel, cliff finish, antique finish , kota stone, kadappa stone, red mandana stone, grey marble, william grey marble, grey flurry marble, grey chiante marble, bottichino firrota marble

Our Products



With its high strength and resistance, Granite is a coarse-grained igneous rock useful for mosaics, staircases, beautiful floors, patios, and more.

Indian Marble

Indian Marble

Among the many specialties of Indian Marble are its strength, exotic textures, durability, and natural shine. Pure White marble is an ever-demanded product.

Italian Marble

Italian Marble

Regarded for its high durability and excellent quality, Italian marbles were originally limestones. Perlato, Dyna and Beige are some of the examples.

Sand Stone

Sand Stone

Made from sand-sized silicate stones, sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock. Sandstone is used quite popularly for swimming pools as it keeps the flooring surface cool.

Semi Precious Marble

Semi Precious Marble

As the name says, semi-precious marbles are premium, high-end products with rich colours, sophisticated designs, exotic textures. Decorative furnishings make use of them to enhance the look and feel of it.



Marble stone handicrafts are quality-controlled products with a special purpose - gifting, promotional orders, business items, antique materials, etc.

Marble Boutique

Marble Boutique

From luxurious internal bars to the display and entrance lobbies of halls and museums, marble boutique is accounted to be a lux decorative product.

Whether you want stone works with granite or Marble for a hotel, restaurant, commercial building, or home, Bhandari Marble Group has got you covered with our top-notch quality, affordable, and highly durable products. Ring us at +91-9672941111 or +91 9672941111 for more details!

  • Our Standards

    Italian marble in Delhi

    Best Industry Practises

    Bhandari Marble Group has been the pioneer company in marble, granite and stone and we are known for our 100% commitment towards customer satisfaction, supplying premium quality marble tiles, slabs and mosaic at best prices. We deliver products that are at par with the quality standards and benchmarks set as a marble dealer in Rajasthan.

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  • Our units

    Italian marble in Mumbai

    Epitome of our success

    We are importers, exporters, quarry owners, and marble suppliers in Kishangarh Rajasthan, based in the heart of Marble kingdom of Makrana and Kishangarh. Our team consists of highly skilled and motivated personnel. Each step right from raw stone to polished and finished product is carried out with advanced and state of the art machinery. We have both quality and quantity in terms of stock that is available 24x7.

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  • Projects

    Italian marble in Hyderabad

    Strong industry presence

    Being among the top marble suppliers in India, we have a global presence in terms of our products through best dealer networks throughout the world. We have successfully delivered numerous products. We continue to seek new partners for the fulfilment of their dreams. We deliver high-quality marble processes and packaging that brings smiles to our valued customers. We will help you achieve your dream projects.

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  • Newsroom

    Italian marble in Chennai

    Our vision and endeavours

    We are proud to say that we are among the best marble suppliers in India with the best goodwill. Be it architectural designs or state-of-the-art facilities, we believe in delivering excellence through our large variety of Marble and stone products. Explore this space for more information about our company, our portfolio and the services we provide. Our site is regularly updated to bring you the latest designs and products and updates.

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